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Donair Egg-Rolls

Billy Stick Donair Cones

Our donair cones are made with a secret family blend of spices that has earned the Toulany Family top honours repeatedly (See Chronicle Herald, April 30th 2000).  Cones can also be made with your own spices.

Oven Baked Donair Cones (New!)

Available as full cone, or pre-sliced.

Donair Loaves

Cooked and ready to be served.

Donair Dawgs

Ideal for barbecue, grill or oven.  Available in boxes of 48.

Billy Donair Sticks

Available in boxes of 48.  Donair sauce also available.

Hamburger Patties

70 - 75% lean ground beef, 1/4lb each.

Hamburger for Donair Meat

70 - 75% lean ground beef.

Donair Eggrolls *** NEW ***

Available in boxes of 24.



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Last modified: 04/17/2013